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To DCDB Inc. providing customized database solutions helping companies increase productivity and manage data more efficiently.  Based in Pittsburgh PA, we have been providing database solutions since 1997.  Incorporated in 2005, recent business expansion has allowed for greater innovation.

All businesses rely on data to survive.  A customer list, invoice, or manufacturing schedule, shared information needed both inside and outside of your organization to help analyze your business performance by the minute.

Each business is as unique as their individualized data needs, company culture, and operational procedures.  Off the shelf software doesn’t offer the flexibility needed to run at peak efficiency resulting in optimum revenue results for the individualized business owner.  While computers are certainly the perfect foundation for tracking, managing and using that data, they are only a rough matrix. Do you know how to utilize that matrix fully and is your business achieving maximum results from your current database system?

Although versed in several database languages, DCDB focuses on Microsoft Access as a cost-effective solution for many businesses.  Most organizations already possess Access licenses in conjunction with Microsoft Office, which eliminates the need for additional software and associated costs.  In addition, Access is extremely powerful and versatile, making it the perfect solution in most situations.

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